Welcome to the personal color presentation for the Deferred Gift Annuity. You will see how to receive generous fixed payments, partly tax-free income and a charitable tax deduction.

It is easy to view your personalized slides. Simply enter your name, property value and other information. Select the Help button next to any entry to learn more. With your entries, we will show you the benefits that fit your personal situation.

After you type in all entries, select the View Presentation button at the lower part of your screen. In a few moments, you will be able to view your personal color presentation. After viewing the presentation, you may exit back to this page and e-mail the presentation to a friend or advisor.


Deferred Gift Annuity

1.  Annuity Type: One Life     Two Life
(Select one or two lives.)
2.  Donor:
(Enter the name of the Donor or Owner of property.)
3.  First Person:
(First person to receive benefits. You may enter your name or any name.)
4.  First Age : Years
(Enter age of first person.... rounded to the nearest birthday)
6.  Payout Date:  
(One year or more after gift. Mo/Day/Yr, e.g. 7/7/2008)
6.  Income Tax Rate 10.0%    15.0%    25.0%
28.0%    33.0%    35.0%    39.6%
(Click on the circle next to the appropriate tax bracket.)
7.  Value Of Property: Dollars
(Enter the current value of the property.)
8.  Cost Basis: Dollars
(Enter original cost of the property when purchased. If cash was used, enter the same value as Value Of Property.)
9.  Payment Frequency: Monthly  Quarterly  Annual
(Select the schedule for income payments.)
This educational illustration is not professional tax or legal advice; consult a qualified tax advisor about your specific situation.


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